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Today, we look to a future powered by nature where biological wonders produce new transformations including more and better food, renewable fuel for transportation, access to clean water, and longer, healthier lives. Ultimately, it will be you and millions of others that demand it.

Reducing tailpipe emissions via federal regulation

Novozymes Comments on EPA 2018 Renewable Fuel Volumes

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains targets for starch-based ethanol but lowers cellulosic biofuel obligations below today's production levels

“The EPA’s final 2018 RVO ruling acknowledges the benefits of today’s biofuels, but fails to look to the future and the coming development of advanced manufacturing facilities for cellulosic biofuels, which have the potential to radically improve our nation’s domestic fuel supply.


We thank the Trump Administration for maintaining the targets for starch-based ethanol, but the EPA must do more to realize President Trump’s vision of a revitalized RFS that creates more jobs across America and strengthens U.S. energy security.

Unfortunately, the ruling ignores this opportunity for growth, reducing the 2018 cellulosic biofuel obligation levels below even today’s production levels. This decision is counter to the intent of the RFS and will have a chilling effect on confidence in innovation and advanced manufacturing in the U.S., both high priorities of the President. We still have several opportunities to right this wrong with future administration of the RFS; fixing problems with the cellulosic waiver credit system and removing regulatory roadblocks on higher biofuel blends by implementing RVP relief. We just hope for the sake of the scientists, engineers, farmers, business people and 200 million drivers this industry benefits that it’s not too late.”

- Adam Monroe, President, Americas

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